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>> reporter: and, boy, did it continue, from famous faces. >> hello. hey, how are you all? hi. >> reporter: to the unknown anti-abortion protestor in a tree. >> if i am planning to make important decisions about getting an abortion, i always look to men in trees. >> reporter: when he climbed down from a ladder, the kroued cheered his arrest. there were plenty of solemn moments, when he paused. spent almost 30 seconds gazing back at the sea of spectators, but solemnity gave way to fist pumping and the kids taking pictures of their parents kissing. michelle obama's outfit was by tom brown. imagine these other designs by brown. instead of the obamas, it could
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have been the inauguration of the munsters. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. cute. okay. it turns out that the folks in ottawa actually do have a sense of humor. we misspoke earlier in the newsroom that a hockey fan was not actually thrown out of last night's senators florida panthers game. sportsnet reports the man was actually taken away so that refs could get some personal information to contact him in the future so it could be a money maker for him. our apologies to the ottawa senators. you do have a sense of humor. i'm carol docostello. i'm carol docostello. thank you for joining us. -- captions by vitac -- i'm ashleigh banfield. i want to take you live to the national cathedral in washington, d.c. the president and first lady michelle obama as well as the vice president are attending the national prayer service.
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this is a post-inauguration tradition that dates back to the days of george washington, a very important and solemn moment. we're going to do a lot more coverage as we go along through the hour about just exactly what happens during the national prayer service. but, again, a storied tradition. they happen to be inside the national cathedral, which you will probably remember was making news earlier this month because officials there said they are now planning to allow same-sex marriages in that church for the first time. you'll also remember from yesterday that same-sex marriage was one of the touch stones in president obama's inaugural address, an address, by the way, some say was a uniting address and some say that was a dividing address. another issue in that speech, climate change. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.
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some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> and here is what the american people think about that. our brand-new cnn/orc poll shows 49% of the nation thinks that it is a manmade problem. you can see that just 23% say it's not a proven fact at all. i want to bring in our white house correspondent, dan lothian. there were a lot of things touched on in this speech, but the mention of global warming, did that seem to catch people by surprise? >> reporter: i think so. i mean, we've not heard a lot of conversation here in washington about climate change. i looked back just a few days ago i was putting together a piece for and i was writing about the president's priorities over the next four years. at the end of that piece i
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tucked in a line about climate change. i remember thinking, it's been a while since i've heard about this. i have to go back to the first year of the president's first term where he tried to make some movement on climate change and then caught up in the economic crisis that got left behind. so i think it was a surprise, especially since the aids said the president was not going to be focusing on any policy at all. that came seemingly out of nowhere. >> well, let me talk about immigration then because that's another issue that this president is facing in the next four years, and i have more information from our new poll that might give you an idea where this country is sort of heading. a majority of people that we questioned think that the focus of the government should be coming up with a pathway towards citizenship. you can see the numbers right there. 53 to 43 who say, no, just support them and stop more from coming in. but what are the president's plans at this point that we know of with regard to a pathway to
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citizenship if he thinks there is one? >> reporter: well, i think first of all the president wants comprehensive immigration reform, and he sort of ticked off some of the items that would be part of that, such as making a stronger border security, making sure that employers who hire undocumented workers are penalized, but also a pathway to citizenship for some of those law abiding -- otherwise law abiding illegal immigrants in this country. so he's looking at sort of this overall comprehensive package, and the president and his advisors feel like they could make some movement on it in the second term. why? well, you look at who supported the president in the 2012 election. he got more than 70% of the hispanic votes. republicans realize that and you're starting to hear sort of this warming up to the idea to do something about immigration, immigration reform. and so, you know, the president had promised in his first campaign that he was going to make movement on this, did not
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deliver the way that some hispanics had expected him to do. they're hopeful that in his second term that can happen. >> dan lothian you just used the words warming up, and i know that you got the assignment outside of the national cathedral today and it is bitterly, bitterly cold. i want you to tell me a little bit about the warmth and love inside that cathedral. we're looking at more of the live pictures. this is an awesome event. people may forget it's an annual event that stems the lifetime of this country. give me a little bit of a play by play. >> reporter: that's right. you know, i can rewind a little bit to sort of the history of this. you look back to fdr and his first inauguration in 1933. that's when it first started happening here at the cathedral. it has not been consistent over the years, but we did see that trend to begin in the second term of ronald regan. since then every other president has had their post-inauguration prayer service here at the
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cathedral with the exception of former president clinton. both of his services were held at the ame church, which is an historically african-american church here in washington. so what you're hearing now, some of the music being played. earlier there was a choir singing. there will be bible readings, other spiritual readings that will be taking place here today, but mostly it's a chance to pray for the country and also pray for the vice president and the president as they tackle some of the big challenges in their second term. >> it's a lovely service to be able to watch live and at the same time coming up in a little bit the reverend adam hamilton is going to deliver the sermon. if you don't know who he is, he's a big deal. he's the founding half of the united church of the resurrection. 16,000 members. that's the largest church in that denomination. the four guests of honor taking that front pew and a lot of vips in attendance as well. michelle owe bobamobama, by the
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i say, stunning. she knows how to do it. we will talk more about michelle obama and what makes her stunning other than her dynamic smile and her clothes. we'll continue to touch on the national prayer service. we also want to check some of the headlines. in that introduction to the program we talked about whether this was a uniting speech or a dividing speech, this inaugural address. some of the headlines, the daily news saying, let's go. owe bomb yeah's rallying call for an ambitious second term. "usa today", pretty darn clear. our journey is not complete. one of the lines he repeated a few times. "the new york times," obama offers liberal vision. we must act. beautiful picture of the first couple on the front during the parade route. and then "the wall street journal", obama vows aggressive agenda. so a couple of the headlines from the main papers, but then "the new york post" chose to go with something completely different, beyonce and jay-z, the first couple. well, almost. and take a look over here.
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right here. do you recognize that guy? that's congressman pete king from new york snapping a shot of jay-z and beyonce. what a front row seat to that little bit of fun in the new york republican is kind enough to join me right now live. there's your picture. you've got the picture. you snapped it and it ain't bad. >> actually, i'm very talented guy. more importantly, it's a great moment for beyonce to be seen with me. her career is definitely going to take off. that's what she was waiting for all these years. >> pete king, i was going to say i like your picture but don't give up your day job. you're a fine congressman. >> let me get to the business here. there were a couple of things that were said after the president's speech. some people called this a very forceful and liberal inaugural address and some of your fellow republicans said this. i'm going to start with john mccain. he said he would have liked to hear more outreach while ohio
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republican rob portman tweeted this. my disappointment was in the speech i think the president missed an opportunity to talk about where we can find common ground. steve king tweeted this, awesome and shockingly liberal address. an epic realignment. so some people said not at all, other people said what i just read. what's your take? >> well, you know, the president won the election so he's certainly entitled to pursue his agenda. i thought it would have been more effective though if he had spoken more in thematic terms. by being as precise as he was is laying out a liberal agenda which is what's usually done in a state of the union. in going back to ronald regan's address, government is not the problem. those are general statements. i thought the way he got specific yesterday made it more of a, again, almost campaign type of address. he's an excellent speaker. even how he was distinguishing the issues, implying that
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democrats care more about disabled kids than republicans do. he's not going to turn his back on the sick elderly. no one wants to do any of those things. i thought he could have found some way to be more constructive. maybe he felt that the time for that is gone, but, you know, he's got a state of the union speech coming up february 12th. that's where he can really lay out his agenda. i thought yesterday he missed an opportunity. i'm not as critical as some of the others may be. i think it would have been better for him if he had tried to reach out a bit more. >> you know, i guess if the president thought that he was giving an address that could look forward to changing the partisanship that is just paralyzing washington, it didn't take but a minute for the tweets to come out with a completely different perspective. what else could the president have said -- listen, i'll tell you. i didn't do the counting myself. i'm going to credit "usa today" for this. he said the words our journey is not complete five times. he said, we, the people, five times. he said the word together seven times. what should he have done
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differently that would have assuaged the kinds of tweets that we saw right afterwards? >> i think he should have done more to say honest disagreement. let's try to find more of a common grounds. he didn't acknowledge the honest disagreement. somehow it was the voice of reason on his side. i think he should have gone more to say, hey, there's people who nonnestly disagree with me. i think he would have made more progress if he had acknowledged, again, the honest disagreement. if he had even perhaps mentioned john boehner's name or mitch mcconnell's name the way president george h.w. bush did with speaker jim wright back in 1989. it's just an honoring day, unifying day. you can make the case but do it in a magnanimous way. >> i was going to say, congressman, sometimes i wonder if words matter at all at this
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point given the climate in washington, d.c. i only say this because i'm trying to at the same time look at the criticism of the exact same speech, the conservative group americans for prosperity called this a harshly ideological aggressively partisan speech more appropriate for the campaign trail. his address reads like a liberal laundry list while at the same time scott peaters, a democrat, said this is a call to action and we have the ability to work together. bernie sanders saying it's inspiring in its basic theme that we work together. i don't get it. you people who all do the same job, i understand partisanship, i just don't understand hyper partisanship. >> yeah, there's no place for hyperpartisanship. there are honest positions. the country is divided. even though the president won a big victory, he still got only 51, 52% of the vote. there is still a divided country. i think if he can try to find the common ground -- listen,
8:14 am
there are some people who are never going to listen to him. if he wants to get the people on his side to bring pressure on congress, i think if he showed more of a sense of outreach, i think that would have brought more people over to his side. instead, those who are watching and disagreed with him will still disagree. if he again extends i hate to use the term olive branch it may win over the partisans in congress but it could win over some of the supporters, some of the people out there more independent minded who can bring pressure on their representatives on both sides. for instance, i thought he should have done more to emphasize that he was willing to make some sacrifices on his side when it comes to entitlements. if we are going to have any progress, republicans have to move on our issues but also the president is going to have to move on the issue of entitlements, medicare and social security and, again he really, if anything, seemed to dig in hard defending those programs as they are. now that was the impression he gave. maybe he's willing to make concessions, but it would have been helpful, i think, if he had indicated that willingness up front. >> it's good to hear from you.
8:15 am
i have a feeling with the big decisions that lay ahead in the next couple of months that we'll be talking again. thank you very much for your time. >> and, ashleigh, if you're lucky i'll take a picture of you. >> there's this little thing called focus, i want to let you know in advance. hit that thing first. pete, thank you. >> i got ya. okay. i want to take -- he's great. he's so funny. and speaking of the fun, this is a great opportunity to look backwards a little bit at the fun moments from yesrday's celebration. you might have caught a lot of it. we love these things. take a look at what we're loving to call the photo bum. i hear ya, kelly clarkson. bill clinton peeking out from behind the fantastic kelly clarkson as she was singing her rendition of "my country 'tis of thee." this may not have been intentional, but it was a great picture nonetheless. al roker got his wish during the inaugural parade. just watch him as he tries on the sidelines to get first the president's attention and then the vice president's attention. >> mr. president.
8:16 am
mr. president. mr. president. how's it going? is the weather good? isn't it fantastic? mr. vice president. mr. vice president. hey, how you doing? come on. come on. they won't let you. yeah! all right! yes! yes! >> yes! a very, very happy al roker, and it makes us think about one of the most endearing moments of the inauguration parade. you've got to think back to 1989. willard scott who got a kiss from barbara bush. i'll tell you what, the only reason i know this is not that i remembered it, i just started working with this new guy who took on the first day of his job here at cnn today. he happens to have a lot to do with the former "today" show jack zucker. he's the new guy. we're looking forward to more
8:17 am
days ahead. back to the zor ji. the first lady, michelle obama a stunner, of course, which is excellent news for people in the clothing business who make what she wears like j. crew. she was wearing one of their belts. actually, it's a belt from the bridal collection. now it is gonzo. completely sold out. go figure. i want to just get you back to the national prayer service at washington cathedral. they are singing the national anthem. it's lovely. have a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you know, we saw her in pink and yellow and caddy headlines. some very downright rude headlines as well, but we have not heard from this woman, jill kelley, until now. think back to november and you'll remember the tampa woman, a volunteer military liaison who unwhit tingly blue the lid off the affair between then cia director david petraeus and his pro tow jay turned biographer paula broadwell. ms. kelley has broken her silence. she did so with how which kirtz. boy, did she ever break her silence. it turns out if you believe her version, we, the press, got a lot of things wrong, didn't be we? >> reporter: jill kelley is
8:22 am
angry at the media coverage. it was a very emotional two-hour interview, actually, in which jill kelley talked about the things we got wrong, for example, the famous 30,000 e-mails between her and general john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. i went along with this. she said there were a few hundred, they were mostly pained and not sexy and flirtatious. she said she sent those from a joint yahoo account she shared with her husband. >> well, now that's what stood out to me the most. other than the 30,000 e-mail program, having spent a lot of times in the courtrooms, i had an idea the 30,000 e-mails were bulk accounts that needed to be looked through. however, the part that you just said, howie, about the e-mail account she shared with her husband. doesn't that tell us a lot about what nature the e-mails would have been?
8:23 am
doesn't this kind of clear the air? >> no. i want to caution that i haven't seen the e-mails so we don't have any first-hand evidence. but she contends with me that she also copied general allen's wife on many of these e-mails. she said they were social and friendly. she became friendly with david petraeus and with general allen as well. look, she has been portrayed in the media as a social climber, air head, as somebody who was very flirtatious and it may be that we got carried away. of course, she didn't help us by being silent for three months. >> good point. >> that's what i'm trying to provide now. >> i'll tell you what. i want to read one of the things that's quoted in the piece that you read from jill kelley. she said it was devastating to have your privacy invaded. truly there are no words to
8:24 am
describe it. instead of enjoying a family birthday party i had paparazzi storming my front lawn, pushing down the door. there are no words to describe the panic and fear at that moment. and you just eluded to it. she had a publicist who i think told her not to say a word. does she feel like that was a terrible mistake now and now she's correcting the record? >> she does feel like it was a mistake to stay silent and let everybody else set the narrative around her but, you know, this is a woman who didn't have any dealings with the media. she was terrified, ashleigh, to use her word, when she got this barrage of anonymous e-mails we now know from paula broadwell, general petraeus's gal pal as i call her threatening her. jill kelley tells me that the e-mails were -- she describes them as having extorsion and threatening nature and black mail so she says she went to the fbi to protect herself and her
8:25 am
family and suddenly the thing explodes. she's holding a birthday party for the 7-year-old daughter and the media invasion takes over her front lawn. that's got to be presentee daunting. >> black mail and extorsion are not legal. a prosecutor can only work with so much. if your star witness, re, jill kelley, isn't interested in going forward, that's perhaps why we don't have charges in this case. however, great reporting and good reading. say that again. >> just to clarify, prosecutors decided not to go forward with any charges against paula broadwell. >> like i said, good reading and good digging. you know what, there's nothing like setting the record straight. certainly if it's our fault, that needs to be called out. always nice to talk with you, howie. >> thanks, ashleigh. a prince called to duty. >> it wasn't done the wrong way.
8:26 am
>> that's prince harry in the middle of an interview as an alarm sounds and the third in the line to the british throne dashes off to his attack helicopter. unbelievable interview and life in the afghan combat zone for prince harry. we're going to show you more of this coming up after the break.
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you don't often get the chance to interview a sitting prince, but britain's prince harry is now talking, and for the first time he's actually addressing all those nude photographs that romped with a woman in a vegas hotel room. the photographs of the incident went viral about four months ago, just before he was deployed to afghanistan, and not just any deployment, he was a gunner on an attack helicopter. speaking to reporters prince harry said this, quote, probably let myself down. i let my family down. i let other people down. but he also had this to say. he chastised the media for not giving him the privacy he believes he deserves. prince harry also spoke out about being in a combat zone. he was asked if he had ever killed any insurgents. >> our job out here is to make
8:30 am
sure the guys are safe on the ground. if that means shooting someone and shooting them, then we'll do it. >> our max foster now with more on prince harry's combat life in afghanistan. >> reporter: they call this vhr, very high readiness. it might look like down time, but the call to fly can come at any time. it happened once in the middle of an interview. >> it wasn't done in the wrong way but it was just -- >> reporter: it wasn't just being able to do his job that made harry value his deployment to afghanistan so highly. it was the simplicity of his life out here. prince harry stayed in these simple containers when he was here in camp bastien. it's a far cry from the palaces he grew up in. and when he was working overnights, things were even more basic. >> this is my bed. i don't really make it when i'm down here, which is a joy.
8:31 am
so this is as much privacy as one would get. >> reporter: it was while he was out here that harry received news that his sister-in-law, the duchess of cambridge, was expecting a baby. >> can't wait to be uncle. it seems unfortunate they publicized it when they did. that's the media. i only hope she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother-to-be to enjoy the privacy that that comes with. >> reporter: a few months late. harry's own privacy is clearly a concern for the prince as well, and he made little attempts to hide it. >> i never wanted you guys to be out here, but there was an agreement made to invite you out on the -- on the -- on the deal that you -- that the media didn't speculate before my deployment. that's the only reason you guys are out here. >> reporter: back home the media glare will inevitably be brighter and the pressure back on to find a partner.
8:32 am
>> you find the right person and everything feels right, then it takes time, especially for myself and my brother. you're never going to find someone who's going to jump into the position that it would hold. >> reporter: perhaps harry's main interest himself will be getting back out to the front line as soon as he can. max foster, cnn, camp bastien, afghanistan. >> you may be wondering why are we shooting pictures of the prince in war theater. often times in the past the palace has made an agreement with the press to not publicize that he is in combat in theater. in return, they gave the press access to the prince when he's principals in a safer situation. this is his second time on a combat tour in afghanistan. his schedule is to have him returning home sometime this week.
8:33 am
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we're going to take you back to the national cathedral in washington where president obama and vice president biden and the first and second ladies are beginning the first workday of their second term, and it begins with prayer. this is a tradition as old as our republic itself. more than 2,000 guests are on hand along with clergy from all
8:36 am
of the major faiths. this is an interfaith service. we've heard from representatives of the jewish faith, amish faith. we're still awaiting the sermon. he's the founding pastor of the 16,000 strong united methodist church of the resurrection in kansas. the big highlight yet to come. this may be day one of term two, but right off the bat for president obama as he starts his second term, a pretty heated issue left over from the first term. in one word, benghazi. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, is going to go to capitol hill tomorrow and she's going to have to answer some pretty tough questions from some of her toughest critics, all about the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya last september. ambassador chris stevens died
8:37 am
along with three other americans in an assault against the u.s. mission in benghazi. mrs. clinton was supposed to testify last month but she was forced to postpone due to an illness, a concussion and a blood clot near her brain. here are some pictures on monday as mrs. clinton made her way towards the inaugural ceremonies. you can see a service member beside her, but she is on the arm of her husband and needs no additional attention or certainly assistance of any kind. but make no mistake, that was quite an illness she went through. our wolf blitzer is live with us from washington, d.c. wolf, i just want to ask you. as we continue the process of trying find answers as to why what happened in benghazi happened the way it did, we have an independent review that said systematic failures and leadership management deficiencies at the state department were at the core and we have mrs. clinton taking full responsibility. how much more is there to find out? >> i don't think we're going to learn a whole lot more. i would be surprised.
8:38 am
i think what will be interesting is the political theatrics. how aggressive will some of the republican critics on the committee, how aggressive will they be in their questioning. this report that u.s. retired ambassador tom pickering put out was pretty thorough. sure, there will be some questions that are unresolved and there will be some fireworks, but in terms of substance, how much more detailed information of why it occurred, the reaction. i'm not sure we're going to learn a whole lot more. i'll be surprised if we do. i suspect the theatrics will be more interesting than the substance. >> that's really where i'm going here. when is this honest to goodness fact finding? because we don't have an arrest yet and we have a dead ambassador and three dead service members. when is this political overkill? >> in terms of going over, the libyans who were directly responsible for killing ambassador stevens and the three other americans, there is an fbi
8:39 am
investigation, i'm sure the cia, i'm sure the u.s. government. they are looking and there have been strong words from the president on down that justice will be served one way or another, but you're absolutely right. they had a few leads. there were a few arrests. that investigation doesn't seem to be going anywhere and, look, there's a lot of chaotic situation that remains in libya, especially the benghazi area. we see the spillover from libya and ongoing into algeria, mali, elsewhere in north africa, i'm sure in tunisia, maybe even in egypt. this is a serious problem and maybe the secretary even in these final days of her tenure as the secretary of state, she'll be asked about this unrest. the arab spring in north africa and the middle east was supposed to lead to drem kra democracy a there's so much more work to be done and so many more challenges that are very real that could plague the obama administration, indeed, for the next four years. >> how much do you think this is going to be questioned about clearly this hostage incident
8:40 am
has been remarkable in its nature. what's happening in mali, northern mali also remarkable in terms of the islamist strong hold in northern mali. how much have these two hearings, i should note she's going to be in front of the senate foreign relations committee at 9:00 eastern and the house foreign affairs committee at 2:00, how much of the hearings will be what we can look forward to in terms of problems? how much will be looking back at benghazi? >> i'd say probably half and half. i think there's going to be a lot of questions from republicans about the blunders that were made. four state department officials were put on administrative leave, resigned, forced to resign including the deputy secretary of state. why was he in benghazi on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, a day when everybody in the world was bracing for some sort of terrorist action? why was he there? why was he there with such limited security? and where were the libyans? the libyans are responsible for
8:41 am
protecting american diplomats? why were they missing in action on that very, very sensitive day? and there were serious blunders that were committed by the department -- the state department, specifically the security -- diplomatic security personnel, those who were forced out. you're taking personal responsibility. why didn't you do more? where were you? were you even paying attention? i assume they'll ask her why she decided not to go out on the sunday talk shows and asked susan rice, the ambassador to the united nations to do it. the answer is a simple answer, she wasn't feeling good. she was exhausted. we know she was suffering from a bad virus and bad flu. we know that she had stomach problems. she eventually fainted, suffered a concussion, and perhaps as a result of the concussion she had this blood clot between her ear and her brain in her head. i think she's still got some lingering effects from that as well. so all of these questions are going to be coming up, i suppose, in the morning and in
8:42 am
the afternoon sessions. and i'll be watching it every step of the way. i'm sure you will. >> there's a court of law. there's a reason we put witnesses in a court so we can look into their faces and into their easyes. thank you, wolf. >> thank you. >> be sure to watch wolf's program, "the situation room", starts 4:00 p.m. eastern time only on cnn. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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♪ obama's on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ he's on fire ♪ obama's on fire they are gorgeous. no question. president obama on fire as the man of the hour, the man of the weekend, but just as fiery, first lady michelle obama in that red hot dress. ooohhhwee, baby. alina cho is here with me. it was jason wu. she chose him as her designer last time around. >> unbelievable. >> very unusual to make the second choice. >> very young. >> he's 30. >> 26 the fit time. i had to check his bio again. are you serious, he's only 30. >> but he is.
8:46 am
>> he's got a lot more to accomplish. >> there's nobody in this business who knows more about fashion than you. it's amazing. this girl hears a name and she can rattle off the bio of the designer. >> i spoke to him on cnn an hour ago. ashleigh, the one thing he talked about that was interesting was what was so striking about the goun, the color. the ruby red is what he likes to call it. mixture of chiffon and velvet. he says the reason why he chose that color, because sometimes a design does begin with that, right, was because he felt after four years of watching the first lady and her style and how she's evolved, that the country, not just her, but the country was ready for a confident first lady. >> i never get it. red is that much of a statement. >> it is. i have to tell you, that's a look at the actual sketch that jason wu did of the gown. and obviously there was something there that the first lady really liked and something that caught her eye. you can bet she saw this sketch
8:47 am
and so did her stylist at the white house. >> and said go for it. >> that's what -- when they get the green light, they like that first. >> so the other little bit of news and historical perspective, i didn't know this until your reporting, all inaugural ball gowns, you get to wear them once and then they're part of the history books and literally part of our american history. >> it's unbelievable. these gowns go into the national archives, the ones from this past weekend. and they will remain there until an obama library is built, if that is built. and once that happens, if it does, the gowns from this term will go to the obama library, with the notable exception of the first term inaugural gown by jason wu, the white gown. that will remain in the smithsonian. what's interesting, i want to take you back to the moment, ashleigh, last night. four years ago he was ordering a pizza and watching the coverage
8:48 am
in his apartment. this time he was with 30 of his employees in his studio and here's what he said about when he found out she was wearing his creation. >> she came out. everyone let out the biggest scream and the whole entire studio. it was amazing. the energy was amazing. >> you had a little bit of a problem with the computer. it was buffering. >> it was buffering the moment she was set to come out. no, this cannot be with dressing for big occasions. i think it's really important to always really think about the client and to me, i just had mrs. obama in mind. you couldn't really think about everything else that comes with it or else you would be so nervous or start second guessing yourself. my first image was red. i felt it was so confident. it's commanding and it's beautiful. >> yeah, i think ashleigh what people forget, here is a man who started designing for dolls, barbies? >> you're kidding. >> now he's designing for the first lady. >> tell me a little bit about the first lady.
8:49 am
this happens to be a big conversation every time the lead story, apart from the wonderful inaugural festivities, is what does the first lady wear. the inaugural gowns, they are really spectacular pieces. >> they are, most certainly. >> can we see some of snem we put some historical ones together. >> there was the most famous one from four years ago, the jason wu gown, which as i mentioned goes into the smithsonian. is there right now. there you see, is that hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton. >> with sarah phillips. she was an arkansas designer. and there you see michelle obama today at the national prayer service. just got an e-mail a couple of minutes ago from the representatives for the indian designer who lives here in new york named naiem caan. mrs. obama has chosen this designer on many occasions. there she is glowing today with her hair back but bangs still on full display at the national prayer service.
8:50 am
>> you know what, i don't think it will ever get old. the big male newscasters used to say, the first lady looks lovely in a pink hat with a matching pink coat and matching gloves. it's a big deal. >> it is. naieme caan was in the running for the gown last night. didn't happen. maybe that's the reason why she gave him a nod today. >> i'm sure there are a lot of hash tags tout out for caan. thank you. alina cho. >> mutual fan society. >> by the way, the first thing i said to you today, i nailed your designer today, didn't i? >> yes, you did. >> alina cho. thank.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. if it is nice and warm where you live, consider yourself lucky. there's cleveland and news flash, it is really cold. let me correct that. it is freezing cold. that's literal. in fact, here in new york city, it's about 20 degrees. but even cold temperatures are creeping over the north and the midwest. it's getting even worse out there. dropping to, are you ready, 51 degrees below zero with the windchill in north dakota.
8:54 am
51 below. when i said zero, that's not true. it's 51 below. i'm used to saying that when i grew up. that cold weather isn't just an annoyance. it can be deadly. within person killed in this accident in ohio involving 86 vehicles and that deadly pile-up was one of many multiple crashes in ohio due to the blinding snow there. severe weather expert chad meyers joins me for more on this. before we get into all of the things in front of you, there's life saving tips you have, who is getting the worst of it and what we can do to about it. >> it's still minnesota, wisconsin, upper michiganer where the biggest cold air event is, minus 30, 40 below zero when it comes to the windchill. your car done feel the windchill, your pets do, you do your finger do and the current windchills with winds picking up today, windchills go down, they will go down colder than what you see now as winds pick up during the day.
8:55 am
ashleigh, did you know, you want to walk away knowing something knew, viewers knowing something they didn't know yesterday that minus 40 celsius is the same as minus 40 afghanistan fafahrenhe >> we were comparing temperatures. >> we always had it on the bank. never now what the "c". why it was color in canada. let me go to what you should have in your car now. this is dangerous cole. things i have my car. always have a new pump. this pump pumps up air if you have a slight flat, you don't have to change the tire. pump it up by itself. if it does go flat, get this goo stuff. if you ever put water in your radiator, you're not a red neck but done something wrong, you need to put this in your radiate, antifreeze, keep you protected to 40 below. heat, it goes in your gas tank,
8:56 am
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8:57 am
battery maybe to keep charging your cell phone. a candle that goes into this can, that candlelight with those matches put your hands on the can, your hands stay warm. jumper cables, water, it will probably freeze, but you'll have it, and snacks. >> that candle, again, growing up in winnipeg, manna toeb bark canada, doesn't get colder, candle was the most critical thing, have that in your glove box, if nothing else, that can save your life. if you get stuck in a snowdrift, you're not going anywhere. thank you. could be life saving. male annncr . the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire.
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